Apple Has More Loyal Users Than Samsung – channelnews – ChannelNews

Apple Has More Loyal Users Than Samsung – channelnews – ChannelNews

Apple has once again topped the charts when it comes to brand loyalty among its users in the US.  

Simply put, this means that American users prefer using the the iOS operating system in comparison to Android.

According to the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) data revealed that over 90 per cent of iPhone users in the US remained loyal to the brand and would not budge to another. 

However, the same cannot be said with Samsung users with a slightly lower percentile standing at 70 per cent when it comes to brand loyalty.

The lower score (in comparison to Apple) was also attributed to the fact that many American customers were barred from accessing a wider variety of Android phones as none of the Chinese brand were available in the US. 

This has allowed LG and Motorola to take the lead in the Android market when it comes to US centric consumers. 

Data has also revealed that Apple accounts for 43 per cent of all smartphone sales in the United States in the last three years, coming in second is Samsung with 31 per cent, followed by LG in the third spot at nine per cent. 

A recent Counterpoint’s analytical report states that the global smartphone market grew by six per cent quarter on quarter (QOQ) to reach 342 million units in Q3 2021.  

However, the market declined by six per cent YoY (year-on-year) due to the ongoing global component shortages and slow recovery of key markets such as China and parts of Europe. 

During the third quarter of this year, Apple shipped 48 million units of smartphones which was propelled by the launch of the latest iPhone 13 series and stronger than expected performance of the iPhone SE 2020.  

Meanwhile on a global front, a complete set of data on global Q3 smartphone shipments from Canalys confirms that Apple is back in second place behind Samsung.  

A total of 325.5 million units were shipped in the July-September period which represents a six per cent decline compared to the same time last year.  

The big reason behind the fall in shipments was the ongoing global chipset shortage. 

Samsung shipped a total of 69.4 million phones to other makers though the figure is 13 per cent less than its performance from a year ago.  

Looking ahead to the final three months of the year, Canalys research analysts believe smartphone brands will focus on optimising supply chains, reorganising pricing strategies and offering new carrier deals.