AMPD Ventures Announces Agreement With Parsec Cloud Inc To Bolster AMPD Virtual Studio Offering With Parsec’s Remote Access VDI Technology – Field Technologies Online

AMPD Ventures Announces Agreement With Parsec Cloud Inc To Bolster AMPD Virtual Studio Offering With Parsec’s Remote Access VDI Technology – Field Technologies Online

AMPD Ventures Inc., a next generation digital infrastructure provider, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Referral Agreement with Parsec Cloud, Inc. (“Parsec”) as an initial step towards an anticipated broader collaborative relationship between the two companies.

Parsec’s ultra-low latency streaming technology has been designed to enable anyone in the world to remotely interact with real-time 3D content and empowers some of the world’s most inspiring and creative companies to freely work and play from anywhere, on any device, on their own terms.

Thanks to the agreement between AMPD and Parsec, AMPD customers will be able to enjoy significantly enhanced levels of ultra-low latency connectivity to AMPD Virtual Workstations and other components of AMPD Virtual Studio – an integrated suite of fully composable, private cloud-based solutions designed to create the ultimate ‘infrastructure-less’ studio for digital content creators.

“Parsec and AMPD share the vision that digital content creation should be able to happen from any device in any location using seamless, powerful cloud infrastructure to both create and deliver latency-sensitive, real-time applications of today and tomorrow,” said Anthony Brown, CEO at AMPD. “We are excited to enter into a formal relationship with Parsec through which AMPD customers can benefit from Parsec’s amazing technology and add Parsec to our growing roster of industry-leading partnerships as we continue to develop the High-Performance Edge.”

Alex Jenyon, co-founder and CEO at Bunker Digital, a rapidly expanding Vancouver-based digital content creation studio and an early adopter of the AMPD Virtual Workstation solution that utilizes Parsec, said “AMPD Virtual Workstations, coupled with Parsec’s technology, are an ideal solution for a small but growing studio like ours. The scalable computing environment allows us to conserve resources while still giving our team fast, responsive access to the powerful machines they need – wherever they want to work.”

AMPD specializes in providing high-performance computing and cloud solutions for next-generation applications, including cutting-edge digital content creation, big data analysis and visualization, artificial intelligence, and high-level academic research. As the world charges forward towards the realization of ‘the Metaverse’ and other spatial computing initiatives, AMPD is representative of a next generation of independent, sector-focused service providers offering underlying infrastructure solutions to cope with the low latency, high performance demands of these applications, while offering the convenience of cloud computing business models.

“AMPD and Parsec share a common mission and vision: to empower the next generation of creators,” said Benjy Boxer, CEO at Parsec. “Our joint partnership will give creatives worldwide access to our remote ultra-low latency technology, so they can work from any workstation, anywhere.”

It is estimated that the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) market will reach USD $30B by 2026, up from USD $11B in 2020, representing 17% annual CAGR growth during the forecast period.[1]

About AMPD Ventures Inc.
AMPD is a next-generation infrastructure company specializing in providing high-performance computing solutions for low-latency applications. With state-of-the-art, high-performance computing solutions hosted in sustainable urban data centres, AMPD is leading the transition to the next generation of computing infrastructure as ‘the hosting company of the Metaverse’. Through a mix of infrastructure as a service (“IaaS”) and an upgraded, high-performance cloud offering, we are meeting the low-latency requirements of multiplayer video games and eSports, computer graphics rendering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, mixed reality, big data processing, and the as-yet uncharted technological developments of the coming decades. Additional information about the company is available on SEDAR and our website at

About Parsec
Founded in 2016 by CTO Chris Dickson and CEO Benjy Boxer, Parsec delivers a best-in-class high frame rate, low-latency remote desktop experience. Parsec’s SDK allows its streaming technology to be leveraged across any platform. Parsec works with major gaming clients such as EA, Ubisoft, Blizzard Entertainment, and Square Enix. It is also being used in industries such as architecture, engineering, and video broadcast/production/post-production. Parsec is a wholly owned subsidiary of Unity, Inc.


Source: AMPD Ventures Inc.