AICTE launches GDC Software Engineering fellowship for students – Telegraph India

AICTE launches GDC Software Engineering fellowship for students – Telegraph India


Initiative taken to identify the top 40 Indian students for an industry-led training cum internship programme

Last date to apply for this fellowship is December 26, 2021

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) in collaboration with Pupilfirstorg has launched GDC Software Engineering fellowship to identify the top 40 Indian students for an industry-led training programme. Students who complete the training shall get a semester-long remote internship with CoronaSafe/eGov Foundation to contribute open source code to further develop this global digital public good.

The council took to Twitter and announced,”AICTE in collaboration with pupilfirstorg has launched GDC Software Engineering Fellowship to identify brightest software engineering students in India for an industry-led training cum internship program.”

Undergraduate or postgraduate students in any course at a higher education institute in India and within the age group 18-25 years, can apply for this programme. Basic knowledge of any programming language is required, preferably Python. Prior experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript is also prefered but not mandatory.

The last date to apply for this advanced programming training is December 26, 2021. The programme will be conducted between January 7, 2022 to April 08, 2022.

This is an industry-backed free online course and it will prepare participants for a career in building production software. Each of the students’ code submissions will be reviewed in-depth by a coach and students will also gain hard-earned insights about abstraction boundaries, data modelling, layering, and programme design.

This course will try to explain the fundamentals of the web where students will learn Django, React and Typescript along the way. This course is designed to be hands-on with milestone targets at each level. The targets are designed to make students think and implement the concepts they have learned throughout the course.

Course outcome:

  • Learn industry standard practices for programming and product development.
  • Learn the basics concepts of web development.
  • Strengthen Python and Typescript skills.
  • Develop basic knowledge of Databases and how to operate them.
  • Fundamentals of React, Typescript, and the Django Framework.
  • Understanding and building modern applications within the Django Web Framework.
  • Basics of deployment and scaling web applications.

A National Fellowship Certificate will be issued by AICTE for graduates after completion of this programme. Ten scholarships are reserved for women to promote gender balance in this programme.

Interested candidates can apply online at

In Jan 2021, 50,482 students applied for the GDC Software Engineering Division. Out of them 24 students were selected and completed the training programme. 14 students went on to successfully complete the six month internship and have been awarded the GDC fellowship. Those 14 students worked on remote internships with Coronasafe Network , working on various projects like CARE, ARIKE and LIFE. Students were supported by stipends from AICTE.

Last updated on 30 Nov 2021