5 Reasons to Install a VPN – Programming Insider

5 Reasons to Install a VPN – Programming Insider


Internet users all over the world demand their web connection to be of top-quality. Modern bandwidths offered by the providers often exceed the typical consumer’s needs. Security is another requirement (in fact far more important than speed). This is where VPNs come along. These services are getting increasingly popular, the proof of which is increasing global market growth. But what are the actual advantages of using a VPN? Read on to learn why you should get one soon, too.

Tracking you gets difficult

A popular idea about VPN is that it alters your IP, so you can access the geo-blocked content. This is true, but there’s more to it. Changing your IP makes it harder to pinpoint your location which means the private information about you gets harder to collect.

VPN protects you in public places

Using public Wi-Fi, especially the one without password protection, is like voluntarily revealing your privacy. Packets sent in such networks can be easily intercepted. Using a VPN gathers all your online connections into a single channel. If it is encrypted, it makes any data completely impossible to decipher for unauthorized persons. This is why VPNs are used by employers to connect to corporate networks when working remotely.

Your ISP can no longer snoop on you

Internet Service Providers manage your Internet connection for a fee. Should they have access to all of your data? Technically, it is very easy, as they are your connectors to the Web. Of course, everything depends on local laws, the details of your agreement, and the integrity of your service provider, but in some cases, your browsing habits data may be gathered and sold to advertisers or even spammers. A securely ciphered VPN prevents this because all of your data gets encoded.

VPN adds an extra security layer

When you enter any private information on websites (personal data, passwords, banking info, etc.), the secure HTTPS protocol is employed. That is if everything is fine. Don’t panic! Online mailing services and shops are thoroughly tested and use verified safe technologies. However, hackers will always look for new exploits and vulnerabilities in any systems worth hacking. Using a VPN makes your online browsing additionally protected, which makes many types of hacking attempts futile.

Residential VPN increases anonymity

Datacenter VPNs are heavily utilized by VPN users. Many online entities have learned to recognize and block connections from regular VPN servers. Another option is a residential VPN. It takes advantage of a pool of IP addresses assigned to ordinary Web users. When you connect to such a system, your IP is altered, non-recognizable, and it also changes periodically. These three traits provide a maximum level of anonymity achievable for any VPN. Nowadays even free VPN services can support this architecture.

VPNs used to be employed mainly to avoid geoblocking. This could infringe copyright laws, but also lead to a great underestimation of this technology. It is in fact the next step of tech progress. Our online browsing is being constantly monitored these days, so our privacy is more endangered than ever. Choose the right VPN for you and protect your user experience!

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