5 Best Home Automation Apps to Take Help of for Hussle Free Life – Analytics Insight

5 Best Home Automation Apps to Take Help of for Hussle Free Life – Analytics Insight

by Shivani Muthyala

December 15, 2021

These home automation apps are the best for controlling your home smartly

As the Internet of Things and home automation is gaining momentum, people are keen on automating their homes using the latest home automation apps ranging from thermostats to security systems. Let’s see the 5 best home automation apps to take help from for hassle free life.


1 Nest

Nest is a free app that requires the purchase of Nest hardware. It is a controllable thermostat and associated app that can automate the environment well. The device is Wi-Fi enabled and doesn’t require any additional hardware. This is one of the perfect home automation apps that can also learn based on how you adjust the temperature. The biggest advantage of the app is its easy setup.


2 Haiku

Haiku supports only automation controllers from an automation company called HAI and requires a fair amount of technical know-how to get your controller ‘talking’ to the internet. Haiku is one of the home automation apps that can provide a fairly modern interface that gives you complete control of your home and lets you view security sensors, cameras and lights.


3 Plex

It is a free software that aims to target home automation with regard to audio and video entertainment. If you provide Plex with links where you have stored media files, it can create a beautiful user interface with downloaded information about the title and can sync content to an iOS or Android device.


4 Figure C

Plex takes most of the hard work out of playing your media collection on almost any device. Gone are the days when we used to play music using DVDs and Blu-ray discs which are time-consuming, and frustrating. So, these home automation apps can help you drive through these kinds of issues.


5 Sonos

It is a free app and requires the purchase of Sonos hardware. Sonos works around the problem where most home automation systems are multi-room audio, where you can play and control music in multiple locations at homes or apartments. Sonos connects to various music services like Pandora and Spotify and can connect to your home network and retrieve music from your iTunes library or a shared drive.

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