3 Advanced Analytics Use Cases in the Banking Industry – CIOReview

3 Advanced Analytics Use Cases in the Banking Industry – CIOReview

One of the most significant disruptions in the financial services sector is advanced analytics. Putting a greater focus on analytics has also helped banks handle cyber protection, customer service, sales management strategies, fraud detection, and financial risk more effectively. Banks are using advanced analytics to improve efficiency across all business functions and drive measurable growth. Here are three plausible advanced analytics banking use cases that demonstrate how data science is changing the industry.

Customer Acquisition

By investing in advanced analytics software, banks can gain real-time insights into individual opportunities and personalize the interaction. These tools can help businesses build interest in their products and services on a customer-bycustomer basis and increase customer segmentation by providing actionable and reliable insights. One can use analytics to investigate new consumer success in the past, assess campaign efficacy, estimate each customer’s potential value, estimate price sensitivity, and personalize the acquisition bid.

Customer Retention

 Customer retention is much more expensive than customer acquisition. As a result, it is critical to strengthen the bond by meeting and exceeding standards. A consumer’s lifetime value can be increased by implementing a successful customer retention plan. This would turn them into valuable and loyal banking customers. Banks must evaluate the customer’s economic value, behavior trends, preferred service channel, customer attrition rate, and feedback to achieve this goal. Banks can detect silent turnover and disgruntled customers by using predictive analytics on these elements and devising strategies to address the situation. One can implement preventive steps for customer retention and reduce turnover and disappointment using analytics insights.

Fraud Analysis

 Banks place a high emphasis on fraud identification and prevention. Advanced Analytics has replaced the manual method with automated data-driven technology to track transactions and activities and identify fraud. Analytics tools can flag and investigate financial crimes like fraud, money laundering, and illegal finance activities by detecting transaction anomalies and suspicious activities using customer data. Predictive analytics can also assist banks in analyzing consumer behavior, detecting fraudulent activity, and protecting accounts from repetitive cyber-attack

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